Here to Help You Get Your Habits in Order

Sometimes, you just need to talk with someone about your struggles. I am a great listener. Sometimes, you need someone to identify what is causing you to stumble. My knowledge base in fitness and diet help will be applied to your circumstances. If you would benefit from discussing your lifestyle with a professional, schedule a Video chat today!

All services are customized to fit your individual needs. Services include:

* Live Video Chat (followed up with a Customized Action Plan to meet your goals)

* In-person Group or One-On-One Training

* COMING SOON – an app we will use together as a tool for me to be there with you on your journey toward a healthier you!


Personalized Training App

Coming SOON! Train remotely via an app on your phone with programming fully customized to meet your individual nutrition and fitness goals. First, we will book a 30-minute Zoom call so I can get to know you, how you like to work out, what you want to improve, and what limitations currently hold you back. From there, we can give you custom recommendations to supercharge your workouts, viewable on your phone via the app, which will walk you through workouts designed specifically for you for an entire month. Nutrition will be another feature of the app.

Personal Training for Women

Training focuses on your needs with a fitness coach specializing in corrective movements. This in-person service is for Women Only. Sessions are limited. Contact for availability. For best results, regular sessions are highly encouraged.

Video Chat +
Action Plan

Spend 30 minutes chatting with Laura, a Lifestyle Coach specializing in nutrition and fitness. Collaborate together to set achievable goals. Before the chat begins, you will receive a questionnaire. Following the chat, Laura will develop your action plan, which will be emailed to you. This is an as-needed service. Included will be text or emails checking in on your progress. Video Chat Sessions should be about 30 minutes.

Group Fitness Training

You can save a little money on training sessions by getting a group of friends together. This is a fun sweat session customizable to the needs of the group. Training session locations can vary depending on what works best for the group. 


I literally can’t say enough about how great Laura and her training program is! She is an effective communicator who also listens to concerns/questions super well. I not only know what workouts to do for certain areas but also why they are effective and what proper form should feel like. Laura also gives great advice about nutrition, lifestyle changes, and home workouts. She’s the best!
—– Christin French

Laura is the best! She is so so knowledgeable on all things health, fitness, and nutrition. She will meet you where you are at and help you to come up with the perfect plan to get to where you want to be. Could not recommend her more! She truly cares.
—– Caroline Garrett

Laura has provided exceptional nutritional and fitness advice at various times. She is amazing at offering healthy swaps to unhealthy food. I highly recommend Laura for your fitness and nutritional needs.
—– Cindy Reyes

Laura is great with nutrition help and what exercises will help you most. I highly recommend her to anyone.
—– Carlyn Wiens

You shared information with me about Smart Balance several years ago. I switched to Smart Balance spread, oil, spray and never looked back. Acts like butter in recipes, tastes better than any other product I’d tried when I sauté my fresh veggies. Thank you.
—– Diana Marie